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Apical Equilibrium Seeds

Clockwork Piff F3 (12 Novelty Reg Seeds)

Clockwork Piff F3 (12 Novelty Reg Seeds)

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(12 Novelty Regular Seeds) This is a special (10 pack) limited release of this sibling cross for people interested in  preserving these nearly lost, legendary genetics.  We selected the most narrow leaf, stretchy males and females from the F2 generation, in order to capture the most "Piffy" expressions in a high percentage of the progeny. 

We are very happy with most of the individuals found, in both broad and narrow leaf types!  Plants ranged in leaflet width but all get narrower though out their life cycle. Mid to high stretch and nodal spacing with terpene profiles mostly in  gassy, metallic,  skunky, epoxy form. Typical flower times range from 56-70 days.

This is not the best beginner's choice.  Although most indoor testers had no issues with intersex traits, one room did have issues.  Outdoors, we have not seen any hermaphroditism.  

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