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Apical Equilibrium Seeds

Debbie Does Diesel (7 Novelty Fem. Seeds)

Debbie Does Diesel (7 Novelty Fem. Seeds)

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In this extremely limited release, a magical combination of old and new utilizes our old Diesel cutting, pollenated by an excellent selection of Ice Cream Cake.  The resulting progeny exhibit traits split well between both parents.  Slight dominance from the Diesel mother was welcomed data for us.  Yet, each pack should have several nice keepers to choose from in unique packages!  Flavors rich in gas, skunk, and ammonia, dough in ICC leaners. Some uncommon individuals contained notes of hard candies, in addition.

Plants were all sativa leaning with medium/high heights and nodal spacing with plenty of lateral branching.  Dense flower clusters with sandy headed trichomes make for great washers in this line.  

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