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Apical Equilibrium Seeds

Diesel Tears (14 Souvenir Fem. Seeds)

Diesel Tears (14 Souvenir Fem. Seeds)

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A natural pairing of skunky parents.  Upon realizing what we had found in the Sadness Skunk cut of Summertime Sadness (F1), we naturally though about how it might combine with our old Diesel cultivar.  Unable to get viable pollen from the Diesel cut, we hoped that the Sadness Skunk would make it happen.  That was successful and Diesel Tears was born...

One can expect a range of profiles with varied amounts of skunk, petro, burnt rubber, sandalwood, birch, moth balls and animal musk.  Plants range from medium to tall with strong lateral branching.  Medium to wide nodal spacing with about 20% of individuals expressing the tighter nodal spacing, yielding bigger buds and more stacking of bud sites.  Potency varies from strong Indica leaning to strong Sativa leaning, depending on the individual cultivar.

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