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Apical Equilibrium Seeds

Dogwalker's Snacks (14 Novelty Feminized Seeds)

Dogwalker's Snacks (14 Novelty Feminized Seeds)

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Lot's of mouth coating funk in this greasy terp. bomb! Lineage consists of Cheese x Zkittles x Dogscout (Dogwalker x FGSC). Growers should expect short to medium height, stocky vigorous plants that throw lots of lateral branching and may easily throw on big weight with a bit of training, light and food.  Flavor profiles mixed well with a nearly even split of individuals leaning in the direction of each parent.  Some individuals were gassy cream and skunk funk dominant, while others have more candy purple and cheesy funk mixed with petrochemical notes.  About a 50/50 split in terms of coloring, as well.  Dog leaners are bright green with pointy flower shapes and CheeseZ leaner are green and purple with rounder bud structures.

Feeding tendencies are naturally light but plants acclimate to heavy feeding if maximum yield is the top priority.  


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