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Apical Equilibrium Seeds

SFV OG S1 (10 Souvenir Fem. Seeds)

SFV OG S1 (10 Souvenir Fem. Seeds)

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This is a self pollinated, inbred line of our old clone only SFV OG cultivar.  She is our favorite tasting OG Kush cut.  It has a bit less stretch, more vigor and better roots, tighter nodal distance with more stacking, higher concentration of stigmas, and greasy resin type.   An older type of Kush that is pretty rare amongst most of today's common OG expressions.  One can expect similar individuals to the parent, with some variation in profiles and morphology.  It is entirely possible to find even better expressions than our old cut.  In just a dozen seed hunt, one was found that is similar, yet even more desirable than mom/dad.

We are only dropping 10 total packs from this line.  Each pack will be 10 Souvenir Fem. seeds.  The higher number of seeds is to compensate from some inbred fallout in the form of about 20% runts.  These runts were not worth growing and we recommend culling any individuals that struggle with early growth.

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