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Summertime Sadness F2-R (14 Souvenir Fem. Seeds)

Summertime Sadness F2-R (14 Souvenir Fem. Seeds)

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In this feminized F2 or second generation inbred line we have achieved a Super Skunk dominant line.  Our Sadness Skunk selection is a near "look alike" with the well know "La Joya" cut of Super Skunk, with improved trichome size and density.  The Indica potency is quite strong in this selection.

The other selection was truly an outlier amongst the line.  She was a P91 leaning individual with strong candied grapefruit and lemon flavors.  Though very quick to finish flowering, she has major Sativa potency.

Dad's structure is the common expression (~50%), with more than half of all expressions exhibiting a wonderful range of sour fruit flavors in a skunky, petrochemical, burnt rubber and asphalt dominated profiles.

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