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Apical Equilibrium Seeds

White Lime Haze(10 regular souvenir seeds)

White Lime Haze(10 regular souvenir seeds)

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AES is proud to share our White Lime Haze.  Bursting with flavor and not lacking aesthetic appeal, this sativa leaning "hybrid" is a winner for almost any environment.  Mothered by our White Walker female (Skywalker OG)x(White Widow/Lemon Jack) who brought the lemon/lime terps, resin and part of the equation for large, heavy stacking colas.  The parents were natural partners in this cross.  The candy lemon on top of light terpenolene from the White Jack combines with the earthy pine and fuel from the Skywalker for amazing flavors.  The W.W. mother pushed high resin on large and dense bud structures.  This parent was a bit leafy and in need of a little more spice to add complexity.  The Mango Nigerian stud helped on both accounts, increasing bract:calyx ratio, adding flavor complexity and potency, while of course adding vigor! 

These lines produce lemon/lime dominant flavor profiles.  About more half were quick finishing, broader leafed, short/medium height plants with "tight" nodal distances, that finish in under 60 days.  Also some longer flowering, narrow leaf expressions with a nice mix of hazy spices and candied lemon/lime flavor profiles.  All expressions are excellent for washing and sure to please oil lovers looking for loud flavors with high potency and yield!

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